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Portable Adjustable Height
Hurricane System
Tempest System
Storm System
Thunder System
Fury System
Rampage System
(Res.) OmniJam
(Res.) OmniSlam
(Res.) OmniChamp
(Res.) Invader

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Fixed Height In-ground
RuffNeck System
Brute System
Tyrant System
Legend Jr System
Legend System
Renegade System
(Res.) Sport System
(Res.) Legacy System

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Wall Mount
WallMonster (Height Adj.)
(Res.) UniChamp
(Res.) UniSport
FoldMount 46
FoldMount 68
FoldMount 82
SuperMount 46
SuperMount 68
SuperMount 82

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Ceiling/Wall Systems
Ceiling Upgrades
Wall Upgrades
Height Adjusters

Adjustable Height
Attack System
Force System
Titan System
(Res.) PowerHouse560
(Res.) PowerHouse660
(Res.) PowerHouse672
(Res.) Champ System
(Res.) Slam System
(Res.) Vector System
(Res.) Jam System
(Res.) RoofMaster

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Basketball Systems and Goals

Welcome current and future Upward Church Partners.

You already are, or are about to become, a partner in one of the most effective and positively influential programs in the country. The Upward Program has spread across the country and around the world by equipping local churches with all the necessary training, tools and support to conduct a successful Upward basketball camp or league.

I have personally assisted in equipping dozens of Upward Church Partners and have put some information below to help you determine which system is best for your facility.

Please don't hesitate to call if I can help clarify anything at all. - Tom Nicotera, 877-272-5430

Portable Systems:
Hands down the most popular is the Fury System, specifically the Fury Select. It provides enough stability and playability for aggressive, adult play, so it is more than sufficient for Upward youth players. The unit requires a minimum of 56" OB space, but I recommend you have at least 68" for best results. This system has 48" base to board extension so it is also fine for aggressive adult play.

A smaller unit but still sturdy enough for this level play is the Rampage System, Rampage Select. The Rampage requires 54" OB space, I recommend at least 66". This system is ideal if kids are really the only players that are going to be using the system. The 30" base to board extension is a little tight for aggressive, adult, full court play - but will work for that if your OB space is limited.

Both of these systems are height adjustable and both of them come with base padding in choice of colors, 36"x60" clear acrylic backboards, a heavy duty flex goal, and optional board padding.

Systems run from $1900-2500 per unit but it is absolutely the best money your facility will spend to get your Upward program started, or improve the playing resources of your existing program. Lifetime Limited Warranty covers aggressive adult play including dunking, just not SHAQ gorilla dunking where player deliberately hangs on the rim. If you anticipate public, unsupervised play, you might need to move up to a heavier system, Thunder or Storm Systems ($4900-5400 each). These are covered for deliberate hanging on the rim and are generally use for high school and college level play, or public play facilities. You need 6-8' OB space. these goals support regulation 42"x72" tempered glass backboards.

Wall Mount:
Wall mount systems, SuperMount Series, feature 4-10' of extension from your wall. Do take into account how much board to baseline overhang you anticipate with your court. I can help determine that with you. Systems come with a variety of backboard sizes up to and including regulation size 42"x72" tempered glass backboards. Systems range from $1800-2200 per unit. These system are not height adjustable but First Team makes the best height adjuster in the industry (10 yr warranty) that can be added to the system to allow 8-10' goal height ($699-799). It's not cheap, but it's worth the money as it allows the smaller kids to enjoy the game.

Wall Padding:
Sample pricing:

10 panels (20 total feet of padding) - 2'x6'x2" panel, in colors, wood back, 1" fastening strip - $58 per panel

10 panels (20 total feet of padding) - 2'x8'x2" panel, in colors, wood back, 1" fastening strip - $78 per panel

Quantities of more than 30 panels, I can generally take $2-3 off each panel depending on actual quantity.

18" and 24" 1-color and 2-color letters available. $45-65 per letter.

Digital Printed Panels:
State of the art process allows for your logo to be digitally printed right into the vinyl and printed across several panels (usually 2, 3 or 4 panels), retaining the visual appeal of your logo. You provide the artwork, we provide proof before printing.

Digi-Printed 2'x6' panel - $99 to 199/panel includes artwork digitizing, printing and wall padding panel. Get creative!

14' of paneling = 7, 2'x6' panels, 3 of which are digi-printed.
4 blank 2x6 panels - $99 each, $396
3 digi-printed panels - $199 each, $597
Padding total - 14' with digitally printed logo - $993.

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Let me help you personally!
It can be a daunting task to source institutional/competition grade systems for your organization. Provide as much detail as you would like about your intended use, # of systems, type of system you are considering, and I'll follow up with pricing and pros and cons of the different options.

You will not be disappointed we spoke even if you end up buying your systems elsewhere. I can absolutely help you become more comfortable with the different things you should be aware of.

Thank you.

Upward Basketball Systems and Goals


Durable, dependable basketball systems affordably priced and designed for slightly lighter use than public, unsupervised play. Recommended for private family, supervised use.

Residential FIXED height
Residential ADJUSTABLE height

The majority of the deals I put together for my customers are for multi-unit purchases. Given that, I can negotiate better shipping rates from the various freight carriers, Yellow, FedEx, SAIA.

Private consumer orders and single-unit orders are welcome and encouraged! You'll get the same great unit price and the lowest possible cost on freight.

DON'T BE FOOLED by system pricing that includes FREE freight. I can beat those prices.

Hands down the RuffNeck System; in-ground, fixed-height, is the most cost-effective for public, outdoor use. 20-year warranty, nice board size, very cost-effective. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location.

For a little nicer looking system with a bit more functionality, consider the Legend and the Legend Jr.

Adjustable Height: You can't go wrong with any. Most cost-effective is the Attack System but the move up to the Force System or Titan System gets you not only larger board size options, but also the Lifetime Superior Warranty.

Portables: The Fury System is the most commonly sold system to church groups and youth groups, and any organization type where you know, more or less, who's going to play on it. It's heavy enough for aggressive adult play and more than stable enough for youth play. Lifetime Limited Warranty covers everything basketball related, including dunking, but not the SHAQ hang on the rim gorilla slam.

For aggressive play or high-level competition play, go up to the Storm System or Thunder System. They are heavier so can support a larger board (glass) and they come with a Lifetime Superior Warranty. Everything is covered.

Please contact me via this web site or give a call toll free if I can answer any questions. I assure you I can put you in the best system for your needs and no one will be more helpful as you sort through sourcing your systems.

Tom Nicotera

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